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Major Overhaul – Revising (or Deleting) Posts

August 16, 2017

Life sure can be exciting sometimes!

Recently a web hosting company, (the accursed Bluehost), decided to make my life interesting. After the dust cleared from that fiasco, I lost four of my websites, including the only one I was making a little money from.

So …. I’m having to go through my remaining websites, updating or removing links, and removing old posts whose context are no longer relevant.


I suppose this is as good a place as any to list my surviving websites, and describe the condition they’re in, (as of mid-August, 2017), whether they be healthy, or in a pitiful state: * – this is was one of the pitiful websites.  What happened is that I had an Amazon aStore, which I was promoting via this website.  Amazon, in their infinite wisdom, decided to phase out the aStore concept, (they’ll be gone after October, 2017), so the reason-for-being for my entire website ceased to exist.

I’m trying to rebuild all the links, manually, but with the added crap Bluehost dumped on me, you can see that I haven’t made much progress. Another strike against this website is that it is hosted on iPage, which is owned by the same dorks, EIG, who own Bluehost. I may not renew it! – this is basically the free version of, and was in fact started before that site, as a free way to promote it. – that be this site! – actually the first website I started, way back in 2007, I think. It’s a mess, but maybe I’ll get around to cleaning it up one day. – my newest site, describing my adventures as a “retired” old fart. – mostly about making, (or, more realistically, NOT making), money online. – pictures of interesting places we’ve been. (Well, at least we think they are interesting!) – this was a free website I was using to promote my old Tea Universe site and my Tea Universe aStore. As BOTH of those are no longer functioning, this site needs a major overhaul!  All the links on this site are dead, dead, dead!! – this is my new Tea Universe site. I think it is a pale imitation of the old one, but maybe with time I’ll grow to like it. (It also needs a ton of work, which doesn’t help endear it to me.)  As of August/2018, this site is dead.  RIP. – a daily photo diary of our lives here in middle Georgia.

* Update:  rather than wait for an EIG company to screw me over again, I went ahead an nuked  Besides, the response time that site was getting was HORRID!