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Howdy Angel!

October 1, 2018

Hi Angel!

As you probably know, I’ve been working in Atlanta for a little over a month now.  While the pay is pretty good, we might not make much money on this contract, since my rent is a crazy $1,400.00 (!!) a month.  But I can walk to a subway station from where I live, and the subway stops right next to the building where I work downtown, so it is super-duper convenient.

Money is tight at the moment, largely because I decided we should join BlueGreen resorts.  I know it is not a good move financially, but the problem is that our last few vacations have been tainted by me being ultra-cheap about our accommodations.  Staying at a crack head motel to save a few bucks is NOT a good idea when vacationing with your family!

I’m just getting over another stupid head cold / sinus mess.  I’d whine more about how sickly I am, but then you could counter that at least you didn’t die in the womb, and so I’ll just keep quiet.  Your younger brother suffers from worse sinus troubles than me.  Please help him in any way you can!

Next weekend we are all making a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Watch over us and help us stay safe, please.  I know you probably already know these things, but somehow me explaining them to you makes me feel like you’re more closely integrated into the family.

See you soon, little Angel.  Until then, dream of us, and we’ll do the same for you.

Love ya!


Letter to Angel, 2016/Feb/28

February 29, 2016

Dearest Angel   –

We FINALLY were able to get Lola to the church to light a candle for your Lolo, who as you know died last year.

Z IMG_0704

Lolo’s Candle Burning Bright

I wonder if you and Lolo are ever to meet?  Or are you both “lost” to the ravages of time?  Of course, as long as we live you continue to live in our hearts, but once we too are gone ….?

As you know, I’ve been trying once again to start an online “business”.  I created an Amazon store webpage,, and have been trying to promote it.  Please put in a good word for me, Angel, and help me make my store a success without being yet another internet spamming “nuisance”.

Life is full of all kinds of anxiety, Angel, yet we living creatures cling to it with all our strength.  Is there a better existence beyond the grave, or are life’s trial and tribulations the best that we ever get?

We love you Angel!

Letter to Angel, 24/Jan/2016

January 24, 2016

Dearest Angel –

I am so sorry I haven’t written you more.  Please don’t think we have forgotten you, as we will NEVER forget you, or that we will only write to you in times of anxiety or sorrow.  We want you to share the JOY in our lives as well!

Dodong continues to grow.  He is slowly learning to speak, but I’m sure he’s confused, because while Lola and Sweetie, with whom he spends most of his time, speak Bisaya, Kuya and the Old Grump most assuredly only speak English.  Most of his words are English, but he does speak some Bisaya phrases, such as “ali na”, which means “come here”.  (Or something like that.  Google translate gives the Cebuano of “come here” as “din hi”.)

Kuya is doing well in his new school.  As you know, we had to pull him out of his old school because he didn’t seem to be getting on well with his teacher.  He spends lots of time now playing on the iPad, and a little bit of time practicing his piano lessons.

Sweetie is her normal sweet self.  She and Lola take good care of the rest of us, and we deeply appreciate it.

Old Sweaty Grump has, miraculously, remained employed.  He hates his job, and grumbles about it practically nonstop, but he is financially supporting the rest of us, so we accommodate his grumblings as best we are able.

Lola is phenomenal.  She works all day, takes turns watching Dodong with Sweetie, and never complains about a thing.  (Grump appears to have used up all his complaining allotment, and most of hers!)  Many times we wonder just what we would do without Lola.

For a more recent description of our activities, you can check here:

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Bless you, Angel, for all the health, strength, and happiness you send our way.  We hope that, through our hearts, you too experience the joy of living and being a part of this family.

We love you, Angel!