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Who I am ….. and what the heck is going on with Facebook?

August 16, 2018

Here I am, proudly showing off one of my “mosquito” t-shirts.

So who am I, anyway?

Call me “Old Grump”.  I’m a semi-retired COBOL mainframe programmer, sliding into obsolescence.  (I’ll be 60 years old soon!)  I have a very patient, loving wife, and two young sons.  (At this moment they are 9 and 4 years old.)  We all live in a nice house in nearly the geographic center of the state of Georgia, on the eastern side of the United States of America.

And I am trying, more out of stubbornness than anything else, I suppose, to make money online.

Here is a link to my “state bird” store, where you too can buy a t-shirt like the one I am modeling: .

Here is a link to an online store that I am trying to rebuild from the great Bluehost fiasco of about this time last year: .

I’m also looking into hawking CBD oil via a MLM group called CTFO.  I haven’t had a lot of time to fully research this one, but based on what I’ve read so far, at least CBD oil won’t hurt you, and it MAY reduce inflammation.  This is a big deal to an old fart like me, as inflammation is supposedly one of the prime triggers of alzheimer’s disease.  If this sounds at all interesting, you can join CTFO for free!  Just go and check out my webpage: .


Now regarding Facebook ……

Wow!  What’s going on with Friend Requests these days?  Just last week I had only a few dozen friends, but now, after the crazy activity of the last few days, (I had over 500 Friend Requests yesterday!), I have almost 1,500 friends!

I’m spending LOTS of time confirming Friend Requests.  I’m not too adept at Facebook, (and pretty much of a dim bulb in general these days anyway), so sometimes I  confuse “Suggestions” with “Requests”, but even so, 500+ friend requests per day is an awful lot!

But this is NOT a complaint.  Far from it!  Isn’t the goal of an online marketer to build up a huge following on social media?  (If you’re bored, you may want to check out one of the WORST videos ever posted to YouTube: .)

I won’t respond to any of y’all’s messages, because I don’t really use Facebook messenger.  (Besides, how in the world could I respond to hundreds of messages per day?)  But I will try to keep my posts entertaining if not informative, (and make better YouTube videos in the future!).  However, this old guy barely knows how to logon to Facebook, let alone use some of the advanced features, so please have some patience with me.