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Major Overhaul – Revising (or Deleting) Posts

August 16, 2017

Life sure can be exciting sometimes!

Recently a web hosting company, (the accursed Bluehost), decided to make my life interesting. After the dust cleared from that fiasco, I lost four of my websites, including the only one I was making a little money from.

So …. I’m having to go through my remaining websites, updating or removing links, and removing old posts whose context are no longer relevant.


I suppose this is as good a place as any to list my surviving websites, and describe the condition they’re in, (as of mid-August, 2017), whether they be healthy, or in a pitiful state: * – this is was one of the pitiful websites.  What happened is that I had an Amazon aStore, which I was promoting via this website.  Amazon, in their infinite wisdom, decided to phase out the aStore concept, (they’ll be gone after October, 2017), so the reason-for-being for my entire website ceased to exist.

I’m trying to rebuild all the links, manually, but with the added crap Bluehost dumped on me, you can see that I haven’t made much progress. Another strike against this website is that it is hosted on iPage, which is owned by the same dorks, EIG, who own Bluehost. I may not renew it! – this is basically the free version of, and was in fact started before that site, as a free way to promote it. – that be this site! – actually the first website I started, way back in 2007, I think. It’s a mess, but maybe I’ll get around to cleaning it up one day. – my newest site, describing my adventures as a “retired” old fart. – mostly about making, (or, more realistically, NOT making), money online. – pictures of interesting places we’ve been. (Well, at least we think they are interesting!) – this was a free website I was using to promote my old Tea Universe site and my Tea Universe aStore. As BOTH of those are no longer functioning, this site needs a major overhaul! – this is my new Tea Universe site. I think it is a pale imitation of the old one, but maybe with time I’ll grow to like it. (It also needs a ton of work, which doesn’t help endear it to me.) – a daily photo diary of our lives here in middle Georgia.

* Update:  rather than wait for an EIG company to screw me over again, I went ahead an nuked  Besides, the response time that site was getting was HORRID!


Uncle’s Index

May 22, 2017

An index, of sorts, to our awkward uncle’s store:

  • Auntie’s Bookstore.  Auntie has inspirational and self-help books.  Books to make your life better!
  • Uncle’s Bookstore.  Uncle, being awkward, prefers the seamier side of life.
  • Cool Critters.  Uncle has a fondness for creepy-crawlies of all types.
    • Ants  –  Ant keeping is actually quite an advanced hobby.  Look up Formicarium on YouTube!
    • Frogs.
    • Sea Monkeys and Triops.  Yes, we know that “sea monkeys” are simply brine shrimp, but they make excellent fish food.  And triops are really cool.
  • Weird Stuff.  Self-explanatory, I hope.
  • Bug Zappers.  Cool ways to kill off annoying creepy-crawlies.
  • Stuff and More Stuff.  I’m not really sure what these categories are all about.
  • Edible Stuff.  Things you eat.  Yummy!
  • T-Shirts.  I suppose this is ……… T-Shirts!
  • Cool Movies.  Uncle’s choice of DVDs.
  • Cool Gadgets.  Toys for grownups.
  • Condoms & Sexy Stuff.  Stuff for a mature audience.  (18+ only please!)

Browse and be happy!

Help An Old Grump Retire!

October 15, 2016

An Old Grump on a Recent Business Trip

Hey Y’all   –

How would YOU like to help out an Old Grump, his patient-but-suffering coworkers, and his family, at absolutely NO COST TO YOU?

How can you do this?  By simply going to Amazon via his affiliate link!  Then if you order any products from Amazon, he will get a tiny commission.

Your cost will be absolutely the same as if you went to Amazon directly.  In fact, you won’t notice anything different at all.

His family, his patient-but-suffering coworkers, and the Old Grump himself sincerely thank you!


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Who, or What, is Phred Phin?

February 1, 2015

“Who, or what, is this Phred Phin you keep writing about? Is it the nickname of an uncle or a friend? A pet? A cherished lover? A dreaded boss?”

Phred Phin is an imaginary talking fish. He serves as a catalyst to overcome challenges and frustrations, and grab ahold of our dreams. He is a guru, coach, and guardian angel.

“An imaginary talking fish? Are you nuts?”

Yes. But aren’t we all? Sanity and rationality are certainly not the prime traits of the human race!

“But still …. Look, if you want to converse with imaginary creatures, that is your choice, but I wonder how doing so can motivate you.”

Simple. Phred wants a bigger fishbowl. To buy him a bigger fishbowl, I must earn money here on the internet.


Don’t you understand? The internet is a “virtual” world. What better place to earn money for an imaginary fish?

“This is too weird for me. I’m going back to the real world.”

Really? And who are you to go back to reality? Do you exist, or are you also a figment of my imagination? And who am “I” anyway?

“There is no pilot.” Laurie Anderson, from the song, “From the Air”.

Update 08/2017:  Phred Phin was the mascot of a defunct website I once owned.  Since the website is now defunct, this post makes even less sense.  (If such a thing is possible!)

Instant Click System To Rate Other Drivers

January 7, 2015

Once we have the technology in place to tie our brains into the operation of our cars, we can expand the technology.  One useful adaptation will be to include a means by which we can digitally “zap” another driver, giving him/her points for lack of safety or discourteous driving.

Everyone will have a fixed number, (365?), of points to give out during the year.  If you in turn get “zapped”, you lose a point, unless other folks have zapped to the driver attempting to tag you.  If multiple folks zap a driver you’ve zapped, you get your point back.  If you’re a poor driver or a jerk, and multiple folks tag you, each of those zaps may delete two points from your total.

Once your points are down to zero, you can’t drive for the rest of the year!


Legal System vs. Economy

November 2, 2009

Not much of a post, just a half-digested rumination: I wonder if our bloated legal system adversely affects our economy as much as does our bloated federal government?  I can’t help but think that all the wasted time, money, and effort thrown at so many legalistic “splitting of hairs” doesn’t erode our prosperity.  While overhead such as this wasn’t a big deal when America had no competition, will it knock us from our prominence in the future.

And why oh why is English so friggin’ hard to spell?  What nitwit invented this language anyway?

Now I’m curious about something.  What does it take to get your blog “noticed” by the search engines?  For example, if I type in something like, “Is there any truth to the rumor that Michael Jackson had sex with horses?”, will this webpage turn up on a Google search for “Michael Jackson”, “sex”, and “horses”?  Will I get hate mail from rabid Michael Jackson fans?  Will millions of people suddenly click on one of my affiliate links, (not likely – I haven’t set them up yet!), and make me a rich man?

Will some idiot, in league with some scumbag lawyer, (“scumbag” and “lawyer” – I wonder what the correlation between those two words is?), sue me for something?  Can I sue YOU for reading this?  (Why not?)

By the way, I DARE you to click on <a href=””>this link</a>!  Whoa ….. you can’t embed HTML in WordPress?  I’m used to Blogger, and this is easy.  Obviously I’m missing something VERY basic here.

12/30/2014 update:  It’s been more than FIVE YEARS since I fussed with this blog!  The least I could do is fix the friggin’ link!  Unfortunately, whatever I was linking to at the time is dead now, (if, in fact, it ever existed!).