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Howdy Angel!

August 15, 2018

Hello Angel  –

If you’ve had a chance to absorb my recent posts, (on and working class hero, part 1), you’ll see that it’s been an interesting year for me, “career” wise.

I’d LOVE to be retired right now, but, (darn it!!), we just spend way too much money.

It appears, if all goes well, that I will be working in Atlanta soon.  (I have two more-or-less job offers, so I’m hoping at least one of them doesn’t fall through.)

This will be stressful for the family, just like it was when I was working in Columbus.  So Angel, I am asking you to help guide us, to be with us and help us through the additional hazards my new job will cause us to face.

We are all doing well here.  Kuya and Dodong are growing up, and dealing with their allergies fairly well.  (Can you believe that Dodong is allergic to fish, of all things?)  Dodong just started school for the first time, (pre kindergarten), and Sweetie is still home schooling Kuya, who now is in fourth grade!  Sweetie herself is doing okay.  Her allergies seem under control with the allergy shots she gets, the only side effect being the grumbling Grump, (me!), does when he receives the bill.  Lola is tough as ever, doing much of the work, (washing dishes, cleaning up after the boys), with never, ever a complaint.  (At least as far as I know.  Then again, I don’t speak Cebuano!)

As for me, I am getting older, fatter, and grumpier with each passing day.  Fortunately the rest of the family tolerates me, (maybe because I am the only one earning any money?), which is very, very fortunate for an old grump like me.

To summarize all this: we are excited and nervous for my new contract.  We hope I am able to find a way to live cheaply in Atlanta during the week, so that we can save as much money from this contract as possible.  (Wouldn’t it be awful if we only broke even on this new job, or, worse yet, actually LOST MONEY?)  There are many potential pitfalls we want to avoid, and we are hoping with your help we can completely avoid them.

We all love you, our little Angel, and sooner than any of us realize we’ll all be together!

Uncle’s Index

May 22, 2017

An index, of sorts, to our awkward uncle’s store:

  • Auntie’s Bookstore.  Auntie has inspirational and self-help books.  Books to make your life better!
  • Uncle’s Bookstore.  Uncle, being awkward, prefers the seamier side of life.
  • Cool Critters.  Uncle has a fondness for creepy-crawlies of all types.
    • Ants  –  Ant keeping is actually quite an advanced hobby.  Look up Formicarium on YouTube!
    • Frogs.
    • Sea Monkeys and Triops.  Yes, we know that “sea monkeys” are simply brine shrimp, but they make excellent fish food.  And triops are really cool.
  • Weird Stuff.  Self-explanatory, I hope.
  • Bug Zappers.  Cool ways to kill off annoying creepy-crawlies.
  • Stuff and More Stuff.  I’m not really sure what these categories are all about.
  • Edible Stuff.  Things you eat.  Yummy!
  • T-Shirts.  I suppose this is ……… T-Shirts!
  • Cool Movies.  Uncle’s choice of DVDs.
  • Cool Gadgets.  Toys for grownups.
  • Condoms & Sexy Stuff.  Stuff for a mature audience.  (18+ only please!)

Browse and be happy!

Letter to Angel, 15/Dec/2016

December 15, 2016

Hi Angel   –

As you know it’s been raining here for the past couple weeks, which is a big deal actually, as we hadn’t had any rain since September!

Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Lola, and I are all doing fine.  Dodong and I are fighting off a stupid head cold, but things like that are part of the price we pay for being alive.

I FINALLY was able to get some affiliate sales from my online websites, and  It was less than $20.00 for the year so far, which obviously won’t change my standard of living, but it’s a start.  Wish me luck!

Working and staying-over here in Columbus, while the rest of the family remains in Macon, is not enjoyable, as you can imagine.  My goal is to survive this job for two years, after which I get a 100% match on my 401K contributions.  At that point I’ll quit, and get whatever kind of job I can get back in Macon.  (“Welcome to Walmart!”)  Once again, wish me luck!

Kuya is doing really, really well with homeschooling.  The downside is he is missing out on socializing with other kids.  At least he can play with his friend Brody every other Sunday or so, and Dodong, although a lot younger, is around every day to bother and tease.

So that’s how things are going for us, more-or-less, at the moment.  I probably spend way too much time puttering around with the PC trying to make this affiliate marketing work, but it gives me something to do while in Columbus.  I think my next goal will be to put up another page on to try to help give the Awkward Uncle store, (, as unlike our tea stores it has been a dud!

Hang in there Angel!  We’ll all be with you sooner than any of us can imagine.

We love you!

The Cast of Characters

January 28, 2015

The Cast of Characters, (our family), youngest first:

Dodong  –  our youngest son.  Born spring of 2014.

Angel  –  our child who didn’t survive the womb.  Ascended in spring of 2013.

Kuya  –  our oldest son.  Born spring of 2009.

Sweetie  –  our Mama.  Born summer of 1981.

Old Sweaty Grump  –  our Dad.  Born near the end of 1958.

Lola  –  Sweetie’s Mama.  Born in 1954, I think.

GrandMa  –  Grump’s Mama.  Born in 1934, I think.

GrandPa  –  Grump’s Dad.  Born in 1930.


Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Grump, and Lola all live together in our house near Macon, Georgia, USA.

GrandMa and GrandPa live in Florida, near Jacksonville.

Angel resides in heaven.


Follow our exploits here:


A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 90

January 18, 2015

31/March/2014, Day 90. Monday. 7:30 pm EST.

The birth of Dodong!!

Sweetie, Grump, and the formerly Great Unborn, (who is now the Great Newborn), are sitting in a hospital room. Sweetie is recovering from her cesarean, and trying to hide the fact that she is in a considerable amount of pain. The Great Newborn is currently resting, after spending 20 minutes or so breast-feeding.

So far all is well with mother and baby. Even Grump is in a reasonably decent mood.

Now that the Great Newborn is out and about in our world, I believe it is time for a name change or two. From this point forward, Wonderkid will now be called Kuya, and the Great Newborn will be called Dodong. (Bisaya for “elder brother” and “younger brother” respectively.)

Kuya and Grandpa came for a brief visit this afternoon. Kuya was pleased to see Dodong, and was fascinated as the nurse bathed his baby brother. Fortunately Kuya is having a great time with his grandparents while Sweetie and Grump are with Dodong in the hospital. I’m not sure what we would all do if his grandparents weren’t able to watch him for a few days.

After once again witnessing the miracle of birth, (which is all too often a struggle), Grump is newly amazed by the whole process, and deeply appreciative of the self-sacrifice and hardiness of women.