Howdy Angel!

Hi Angel!

As you probably know, I’ve been working in Atlanta for a little over a month now.  While the pay is pretty good, we might not make much money on this contract, since my rent is a crazy $1,400.00 (!!) a month.  But I can walk to a subway station from where I live, and the subway stops right next to the building where I work downtown, so it is super-duper convenient.

Money is tight at the moment, largely because I decided we should join BlueGreen resorts.  I know it is not a good move financially, but the problem is that our last few vacations have been tainted by me being ultra-cheap about our accommodations.  Staying at a crack head motel to save a few bucks is NOT a good idea when vacationing with your family!

I’m just getting over another stupid head cold / sinus mess.  I’d whine more about how sickly I am, but then you could counter that at least you didn’t die in the womb, and so I’ll just keep quiet.  Your younger brother suffers from worse sinus troubles than me.  Please help him in any way you can!

Next weekend we are all making a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Watch over us and help us stay safe, please.  I know you probably already know these things, but somehow me explaining them to you makes me feel like you’re more closely integrated into the family.

See you soon, little Angel.  Until then, dream of us, and we’ll do the same for you.

Love ya!



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