Angel, We Are So, So, Sorry!

Dear Angel  –

Yes, we FORGOT to celebrate the day you rose to heaven.  PLEASE, PLEASE forgive us!

This has been a hectic spring.  As you know, Old Grump has been working out of town, in Columbus, Georgia.  The driving back and forth, and the usual stress associated with any bureaucratic corporate job, has been getting to him, and he is ready to quit working for good.  But Sweetie had this huge trip to the Philippines planned for her, Lola, Kuya, and Dodong, the cost of which will keep the old guy chained to his desk at work for at least another year.

Expenses associated with this trip have been a source of friction between Sweetie and Grump, as you would imagine.  Add this to the stress Sweetie has of raising two young boys without her husband home most nights, and it is no wonder that she and Grump have been bickering a lot lately.

But the four of them went on their trip anyway, leaving just this past Saturday, May 6th.

So in our nervousness, anticipation, and haste to get everyone and everything ready for this massive undertaking, the 22d of April just breezed past without any of us noticing.

Please don’t assume from this that we are forgetting our Little Angel.  You will always exist in our hearts!

Angel, please pray for Lola, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong while they are traveling, that no harm comes to them, and that they may somehow bring a little joy into the hearts of all they meet.  And pray for Old Grump, that he doesn’t get mad one day and just quit his job before he and Sweetie have been able to prepare for his “retirement”.

How amusing it must be to look down on us as we scurry about, worrying about the most trivial of daily irritants, when in just a short instant eternity will welcome us too.  I wish you had gotten to experience this mortal life, but since you didn’t, Angel I’ll do my best to describe it to you.


Your Family on Earth



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