Letter to Angel, 15/Dec/2016

Hi Angel   –

As you know it’s been raining here for the past couple weeks, which is a big deal actually, as we hadn’t had any rain since September!

Dodong, Kuya, Sweetie, Lola, and I are all doing fine.  Dodong and I are fighting off a stupid head cold, but things like that are part of the price we pay for being alive.

I FINALLY was able to get some affiliate sales from my online websites, http://tea-universe.com and http://buyingnirvana.com/teashop.  It was less than $20.00 for the year so far, which obviously won’t change my standard of living, but it’s a start.  Wish me luck!

Working and staying-over here in Columbus, while the rest of the family remains in Macon, is not enjoyable, as you can imagine.  My goal is to survive this job for two years, after which I get a 100% match on my 401K contributions.  At that point I’ll quit, and get whatever kind of job I can get back in Macon.  (“Welcome to Walmart!”)  Once again, wish me luck!

Kuya is doing really, really well with homeschooling.  The downside is he is missing out on socializing with other kids.  At least he can play with his friend Brody every other Sunday or so, and Dodong, although a lot younger, is around every day to bother and tease.

So that’s how things are going for us, more-or-less, at the moment.  I probably spend way too much time puttering around with the PC trying to make this affiliate marketing work, but it gives me something to do while in Columbus.  I think my next goal will be to put up another page on WordPress.com to try to help give the Awkward Uncle store, (http://www.arph001.com/uncle), as unlike our tea stores it has been a dud!

Hang in there Angel!  We’ll all be with you sooner than any of us can imagine.

We love you!


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