Letter to Angel, 06/October/2016


Dearest Angel  –

I am so sorry I haven’t written you in forever-and-a-day.  Please forgive me.

I saw the above picture on Tumblr, and thought you would like it.  Much like the balloon, your brief life got tangled up in branches, and you never got to soar on the winds of existence.  But you do live in our hearts, dearest Angel.  I know you know that.

As I hinted at in my last letter to you, a lot has happened in this past year.  Grump quit the insanity of the Lizard Pit, and got a new job two hours away in Columbus.  It hurts that he is aways from home many nights, but the Lizard Pit was beginning to suck the life out of him.

Besides Kuya’s experience with the bee, (actually, most likely a yellow jacket), poor Dodong had an awful reaction to fish.  Now we can’t eat fish in the house.  Phooey!

The good medical news is that Sweetie’s allergy shots appear to be helping her considerably.  She isn’t going through a box of kleenex a week anymore, and she has more energy.  (Which attempting to home-school Kuya immediately sucks out of her!)

Lola has done a great job with the gardens this year!  We’ve harvested some monster sized camote, which despite their size are tender and delicious.

Thank you so much for watching over all of us, and keeping us safe.  And please let Lolo know that finally next spring Sweetie will make a trip to RM, and visit his grave.  (Yep – we’ve already purchased the airplane tickets!)

Angel, I’ve been thinking about what people want out of life, and I’ve come to this conclusion: what people really want is to belong to something that “matters”, something that is bigger and more meaningful than their own brief existence.  For me, family helps fill some of that role.

I want you to know, Angel, that you will always be a part of our family.  Please don’t ever feel you are alone, because we love you, and want you to be a part of us.

Don’t get tangled up in dead branches of despair.  Let our love set you free, and fly on our sweet Angel!


(P.S. – I hope you like Jimi Hendrix!)

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