Letter to Angel, 2016/Feb/28

Dearest Angel   –

We FINALLY were able to get Lola to the church to light a candle for your Lolo, who as you know died last year.

Z IMG_0704

Lolo’s Candle Burning Bright

I wonder if you and Lolo are ever to meet?  Or are you both “lost” to the ravages of time?  Of course, as long as we live you continue to live in our hearts, but once we too are gone ….?

As you know, I’ve been trying once again to start an online “business”.  I created an Amazon store webpage, http://tea-universe.com, and have been trying to promote it.  Please put in a good word for me, Angel, and help me make my store a success without being yet another internet spamming “nuisance”.

Life is full of all kinds of anxiety, Angel, yet we living creatures cling to it with all our strength.  Is there a better existence beyond the grave, or are life’s trial and tribulations the best that we ever get?

We love you Angel!



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