Letter to Angel, 27/August/2015

Dearest Angel   –

We turn to you once again, praying for your love and protection, this time for a very young child.  Mama Sue and Pastor Jude’s youngest daughter gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, (Isaiah is his name, I believe), and he was born a few weeks too early.  He is very small, only 5.75 pounds, and he is being monitored for some issues, such as low blood sugar.

We pray that you intervene on his behalf with the powers-that-be, and help this newborn recover quickly from such a rocky beginning to his life.  We will do our part too, helping the family however we can.  All our combined love will possibly sway the actions of a potentially indifferent universe.

I’m sorry if I sound a bit negative, but I get very upset with God, (or “the gods”, or the “Higher Powers”, or whatever term and image(s) you may use to refer to a greater purpose of life), when children suffer, particularly infants.  It makes me feel that God is either incompetent or a jerk.  And no, I don’t presume to judge God!  Of course I am just a finite mortal possessing an infinitesimally teeny bit of intelligence, (assuming, of course, that I have any intelligence at all!), and God is omnipotent and perfect.  But it is within my flawed mortal nature to recoil from pain being inflicted on any living form, especially an infant,* and so I can’t understand or accept how a perfect, omnipotent God would allow this to occur, and I probably never will.

There is a purpose to this existence, even if we humans have to create it**, and this purpose does NOT involve the suffering of the innocent.  That suffering is, to put it bluntly, a fuck-up.  As the universe and intelligence continues to grow and evolve, suffering will diminish.

Sorry if all this sounds nutty, Angel.  When dealing with concepts such as God, (and you!), it all gets so confusing!  God is the most real thing ever, but the hardest to …. well, define, measure, or prove.  But as surely as language exists, a Higher Power exists, even if this Higher Power, like a language, comes into being via human activity.**

I’ve strayed off the subject because I’m tired, and because the subject itself is such an emotional one that it short-circuits my poor brain.  Cover this young infant with the love we still feel for you, dear Angel, and let the healing power of love help him grow up healthy and strong.

And bless you for all the health and strength you infuse into our other two children.  (You, dear Angel, being our “third child”.)

We love you, Angel!


* – mosquitoes, ticks, venomous snakes and spiders, and other nasties being excluded from this, of course!

**  –  this is kinda hard to explain, and I certainly don’t want to say something as simple, (and wrong), as, “God is a human creation.”  I guess what I mean is that the concept of God may be something that we discover, or create even, but then that once the concept is there, God by necessity exists, (and then always has existed).  Sorta like gravity: gravity has always been around, but the concept of a gravitational force wasn’t developed until a few hundred years ago.





One Response to “Letter to Angel, 27/August/2015”

  1. klz002 Says:

    The feeding tube has been removed from his nose. (Yes, his nose!) I think he’s gonna be okay. Hooray for Isaiah!

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