No More Linkbucks Links!!

Effective right now, (March 31st, 2015  –  Dodong’s birthday!), all Linkbucks links are being removed from my websites.

You can safely use the back arrow, (button, whatever), in your browser to return to the page from whence you came!

Why is Linkbucks getting booted?  Because the last few times I tried one of my Linkbucks links, (yes – I do check my links from time to time), it popped up a VERY MISLEADING ad.

It’s bad enough that I force you, patient reader, go through an ad page just to get Phred Phin a few pennies for his new fish bowl, but once these ads become what I would consider potentially harmful, a boundary has been crossed that is unacceptable.


I am keeping the AdFly links active, (for the moment), but should AdFly decide to allow con men to use their service to attempt to mislead my readers, then they will get the boot too.

Thank you for your patience while I learn which services to trust, and which are unethical.  Your continued support of my websites is deeply appreciated.





One Response to “No More Linkbucks Links!!”

  1. No More AdFly Links! | Mgadamgo Says:

    […] y’all know, a few months ago I got rid of all my LinkBucks links.  Well, last night I finally decided to kick AdFly to the curb too, and removed all the AdFly […]

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