Letter to Angel, 17/Feb/2015

Dearest Angel  –

Yesterday, February 16th, 2015, your Lolo died.  He was a good man, and he will be missed.

Kuya got to meet him when he was an infant, but he doesn’t remember that.  Dodong has spent his entire short life on the opposite side of the planet from where Lolo lived.

No one ever got to meet you, Angel, as a living person, and in turn you never met any other member of the family.  You exist in timelessness now; I can’t even conceive of what an existence like that consists of.  The rest of us are living as mortal beings here on earth, where everything we do, everything we perceive and ponder about even, is trapped within an inexorable movement of time.  Without this temporal sequence, I can’t even think!  (Odd that “temporal”, in addition to relating to time, can also mean something like “nonspiritual”, huh?)

Lolo didn’t really speak English, but as a spiritual entity now he has no use of language anymore.  What is a “spiritual entity” anyway.  Do you and Lolo exist as discrete beings, or have you merged into a larger one?  Is “being” something that doesn’t apply to a realm of timelessness and lack of mass?

So I guess to ask if you two have met is a meaningless question?  Does it make sense, Angel, to address you specifically, or should my questions just go out to the universe as a whole?

This life on earth is filled with mystery and uncertainty, but one thing is certain: we miss you, Angel!





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