Who, or What, is Phred Phin?

“Who, or what, is this Phred Phin you keep writing about? Is it the nickname of an uncle or a friend? A pet? A cherished lover? A dreaded boss?”

Phred Phin is an imaginary talking fish. He serves as a catalyst to overcome challenges and frustrations, and grab ahold of our dreams. He is a guru, coach, and guardian angel.

“An imaginary talking fish? Are you nuts?”

Yes. But aren’t we all? Sanity and rationality are certainly not the prime traits of the human race!

“But still …. Look, if you want to converse with imaginary creatures, that is your choice, but I wonder how doing so can motivate you.”

Simple. Phred wants a bigger fishbowl. To buy him a bigger fishbowl, I must earn money here on the internet.


Don’t you understand? The internet is a “virtual” world. What better place to earn money for an imaginary fish?

“This is too weird for me. I’m going back to the real world.”

Really? And who are you to go back to reality? Do you exist, or are you also a figment of my imagination? And who am “I” anyway?

“There is no pilot.” Laurie Anderson, from the song, “From the Air”.

Update 08/2017:  Phred Phin was the mascot of a defunct website I once owned.  Since the website is now defunct, this post makes even less sense.  (If such a thing is possible!)



One Response to “Who, or What, is Phred Phin?”

  1. No More Linkbucks Links!! | Mgadamgo Says:

    […] bad enough that I force you, patient reader, go through an ad page just to get Phred Phin a few pennies for his new fish bowl, but once these ads become what I would consider potentially […]

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